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Jailan Atef...
fashion designer, Make up artist and Veil designer.

My name is Jailan Atef, I am an Egyptian, and I love fashion. My story started from a young age. I was in my childhood, drawing and colors. In the years of preparatory and secondary, I was after the local and international fashion shows, accessories and make-up in all magazines and newspapers. I grew up in an Egyptian family, an Egyptian father and a Kazakh mother. Which were to offer all kinds of handcrafts, embroidery and sewing very much influenced by this culture and grow in the Gulf country was the fusion of civilizations and diversity of cultures is the main motivation for the evolution of my hobby and the difference.

My family was keen to respect the traditions and values ​​and therefore it was optional for what I wore. It is governed by the traditions that we brought up. I love fashion and elegance, but with my adherence to religious, moral and ethical teachings I was tired a lot to find what suits my taste and I always made changes to any design. Who sees me and ask me and I liked make-up and decided one day what you saw around me to help all his bride veiled not to give up wearing her veil on her wedding and to show its features naturally attractively away from the cost and won my first experience in the world of make-up by taking care of Block bride on her wedding.
And thank God the latest innovation of a new style and different sensation and joke in the world of brides veiled and start that all in 2005 and then and then and through my experiences in the beginning I help many of the girls to choose the right hook for them and then thought to expand the activity came the idea of ​​glow, which was The opening of the year 2011 for fashionable and stylish fashion together, where I aspire to change the traditional view of the veil with the watch on the modesty and dignity in line with the international trend and colors compatible with it. However, the minimalism movement was launched in how to choose clothes and coordination with some taking into account the reduction in cost and consumption
Where always at the glow fashion house on the selection of the finest types of fabrics and raw materials comfortable to match the atmosphere we live and fit with different ages and tastes to become my goal is to innovate the new and different with the attention to high quality and accuracy in details at the highest level.

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